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Nakamaru Dental Clinic
3F Mamebun Bldg. 1-13-5,
Ishikawa-cho, Naka-ku,
Yokohama 231-0868
Tel. 045-664-4618
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To Those Foreigners Using the National Insurance
                           / Social Insurance

Please see the following remarks for the dental therapy performed under the Japanese National Insurance and Social Insurance.

Please note that above mentioned Japanese insurances have a number of regulations as follows.

  1. Materials that can be used are limited, for example, molar restoration (such as Crown) needs to be done with metal (Palladium Alloy).
    (The materials or methods under health insurance treatment are not secured ecologically and scientifically, and long-term stability cannot be expected.)
  2. It is not possible to perform a long therapy at a time. Since treatment time is limited for each time, it becomes necessary to make a number of visits.
  3. General Teeth Cleaning cannot be performed in one time visit, and must be treated in two times or more.

Originally, the Japanese insurance system was established about 50 years ago and the today’s science and technology were never taken into consideration then. This regulation seems to be the reason why the Japanese dentistry has not acquired good reputation in foreign countries. A simple example may be that; many foreigners are wondering why there are many silver coated teeth seen when Japanese people laugh, and why many Japanese have summer teeth.

We would like to solve your mouth cavity problems, as well as receive a high evaluation of the Japanese dental treatment from overseas. When you go back to your country, we want your home doctor to be impressed with the great treatment performed in Japan. Even if we work very hard, as long as it is the treatment under the Japanese National Insurance or Social Insurance, the ways and materials to be used are so restricted we cannot perform the good treatment. If you have a private insurance, we recommend you use it instead. And if you choose to use the Japanese insurance, we ask for your understanding of such regulations.


Treatment and Examination Procedures

As for the first patients, we will clarify the treatment plan based on the interview sheets filled by the patients.

Treatment Time and Cost

Please first consult us for time and cost.
Depending on the treatment content, insurance pay or self-pay (non health insurance treatment) is decided.

Privacy Policy

When we gather private information of patients, it is only for the use in the range of treatment, nursing care, and medical care of the patients. Should we have the necessity to use the patients’ private information for other purposes, we will inform the purposes to our patients in advance, and only use it upon getting their approval.
Also, we strive to keep the private information of the patients as accurate and up-to-date as possible and to prevent its leakage, loss, destruction, manipulation, and improper access from the third parties.
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