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We are dentists who not only speak English, but also provide you with better quality dental treatment over others in Japan. Please see below for our reasons why.

Tue.&Thu. 9:00〜13:30 14:30〜18:00
Wed.&Fri. 10:00〜13:30 15:00〜19:30
Sat. 10:00〜16:00

Closed:Sunday,Monday, National holidays


Principles of Nakamaru Dental Clinic

  • 1.Focus on global standards
    We believe meeting high standards of the dentally advanced countries is essential for dentistry in Japan and its clients.
  • 2.Dental care satisfying all clients
    We are committed to provide our services placing the clients' advantages above everything else.
  • 3.Our tasks
    Continuous improvement in our skills and knowledge, along with the introduction and learning of the latest medical equipment.
  • Precision microscope treatment
  • Doctor

Global standard treatment

Treatment in Japan vs. other countries

Though there are many competent dentists in Japan, the level of Japanese dental therapy is relatively poor compared to the standard of other advanced countries such as the U.S.. The biggest reason for that appears to us as the fact that many patients have been treated under Japanese health insurance (both National and Social). Our policy is to provide the most advanced treatments based on consultations with our clients, including those not covered by insurance, for the clients to enjoy and live their lives eating and laughing with your own teeth.



Sorry, we do not accept Japanese National / Social Insurance Plans. Why?



Searching for a dentist?

Searching for a dentist?

Thank you for visiting the official website of “Nakamaru Dental Clinic” in Ishikawa-cho, Naka-ku, Yokohama.

We are committed to provide appropriate care for the clients to maintain their oral health by locating the treatment required, selecting the best treatment approach and resources, and working with the specialists when needed.

The clients of our clinic range include the residents of Yokohama and other area of Japan, as well as many non-Japanese (English-speaking). Our positive approach in implementing the treatments prevalent in dentally advanced countries may be one reason for those clients choosing our clinic.
While the art of dentistry is constantly evolving, we aspire to be chosen not just for our knowledge and techniques, but also for our truly compassionate care.


Reservations by phone.

Tue.&Thu.  9:00-13:30/14:30-18:00
Wed.&Fri. 10:00-13:30/15:00-19:30
Sat.   10:00-16:00

Closed:Sunday,Monday,National holidays

  • JR Negishi Line(Jr Keihin Tohoku Line) Ishikawacho Station
  • Minatomirai Line Motomachi Chukagai Station


Nakamaru Dental Clinic

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