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Periodontal treatment

Periodontal disease is a serious problem, which develops silently between teeth and gums. In the early stages, it shows very few symptoms, such as loose teeth that you notice only when you are tired and bleeding gums from brushing. It often reaches an advanced stage before you notice. In some worst cases, the jaw bone supporting the teeth can become completely destroyed, leading to loss of the teeth.

We thoroughly examine your oral conditions and predict the risk of periodontal disease through counseling. We will develop the optimal treatment plan for patients who already have periodontal disease.

Root canal treatment

Root canal is a narrow passage in a tooth, which contains blood vessels and nerves. When a cavity gets deeper, the root canal becomes infected by bacteria and the tooth usually has to be extracted. However root canal treatment can save the tooth. Root canal treatment requires difficult techniques because the affected area is too small to see with the naked eye. Our dentists use a microscope to thoroughly examine the details that cannot be seen with the naked eye and provide accurate and precise treatment. You can rely on us.

Preventive dentistry

Tooth decay and periodontal disease do not occur suddenly. Bacteria in the mouth spread slowly and eventually produce symptoms. Therefore appropriate maintenance and care to stop the growth of bacteria can prevent such problems completely.

We obtain an accurate view of the conditions of each patient and provide them with proper treatment tailored to each condition. For patients without tooth decay and periodontal disease, we will propose preventive care such as scaling of the teeth, PMTC and topical application of fluoride solution to prevent such problems.

Cosmetic dentistry

Beautiful teeth can change one's life. Wonderful smile is very precious. However do the teeth only have to be beautiful? Teeth have to be strong and function properly because we use them to eat and talk throughout our lifetime. Beautiful teeth are the teeth that allow you to chew and talk properly.

We offer cosmetic treatment in consideration of bites. If you have any concerns about the appearance and bite of your teeth, please feel free to consult us.


Implants are a prosthetic treatment where an implant (artificial titanium root) is inserted into the jaw bone in place of a missing tooth and a prosthetic tooth is covered over the implant. Implants inserted into the bone will be firmly bound, restoring the feel and function of your teeth. Prosthetic teeth to be covered over will be custom made, tailored to the surface texture and color of other teeth. They will have an appearance very similar to natural teeth.

Our director studied under an implant specialist during his study at UCLA. After returning to Japan, he has experienced more than 1,000 surgeries and never had any accidents. You can rely on us to provide safe and quality treatment.

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